When does the event take place?
WWW2023 will take place from Friday, 21 July until Sunday, 23 July 2023.

Who is organizing this event?
A couple of makers & hackers formed the non-profit Home of Making e. V. – we bring together makers in southern Germany and beyond.

Where will the event take place?
On a beautiful vineyard in Franconia. The exact location remains private and will be published to ticket holders.

Is this a commercial event?
It is a not-for-profit event – providing infrastructure for such an event costs money, so the ticket price is in the range of what we pay for the location, infrastructure, equipment, and so on. We do not expect to make extra money. Any extra money will go into the non-profit Home of Making association that will take care of organizing further events.

How much will the ticket cost and what is included?
We will ask for a donation of 150 € or more to cover our costs. This covers our cost for infrastructure and much more.

Is this a political event?
Hacking and making in itself is political. But we do not endorse any party politics.

What is the minimum age to participate?
For insurance reasons, this event is 18+. We will try to change this in the future, but for now, we will need to ensure everyone is at least 18 years old on the event date.

Do I need to help during the event?
This is our event. This means you are part of it. We run it together – so yes, you are expected to help where necessary 🙂
All ticket holders will receive information on where you can help and participate before the camp starts.

Food & Drinks

Will there be food?
You are responsible for bringing your food, dishes, and whatever you need not to starve. You should bring everything you would bring on a trip to the mountains to cook and take care of your dishes afterwards. There is a chance that the delivery service in the next village will deliver to our location.

But will there be… wine?
Yes – and no. We do not encourage you to drink alcohol. There will be plenty of non-alcoholic beverages and… wine. The choice is up to you. We are organizing a tour through the vineyards where you can learn more about the whole process – and taste some wine or alternatives that do not contain alcohol. This is included in the ticket coverage fee.


Can I ship stuff there before arrival?
Yes. One month before the event starts, we can provide you with a shipping address if necessary. Contact us at events ?at for more information.

Can I bring my car/camper?
You can bring a car or a camper. Space is limited, so you will be asked about your plans when getting a ticket. If you come by car, please be considerate and try to fill empty seats with other makers/hackers. There might be energy and network for your camper but NO water supply and NO waste water drain.


We are surrounded by forest, and there is usually no or very little rain during summer therefore, we can not start any open fires. Gas camping stoves are fine – just be careful and don’t do anything that spreads sparks. Depending on the situation, we will need to limit the locations where camping stoves can be used.

Is smoking allowed?
Please be considerate when smoking. Do not smoke near groups and respect others’ health. Bring your pocket ashtray and do not dispose any cig butts on the ground.

Will there be music?
Yes. But please take note that we are guests and surrounded by nature. There will be no super loud music and music will be turned off during the night. Please be respectful to nature, other people and the neighboring villages.

Is there cell phone reception?
On the hill you usually have a strong cell phone signal.

What about waste/trash disposal?
It is expensive to get rid of the trash. Please be considerate and try to bring and produce as little waste as possible. We would appreciate it if you took your trash home with you.

I still have questions… 😀

Perfect. We love questions – send any questions to events ?at and we will try to get back to you promptly.