Talk. Meet. Eat. Make. Sleep. Repeat.

Are you ready for three days fun in a large Franconian vineyard? Together we make this event awesome. True maker spirit.

what we provide...

  •   Piece of lawn for your tent
  •   Space for Workshops, Talks, you name it!
  •   Internet (~300 mbit down/20 up)
  •   230V AC (meeting area & vans only)
  •   48V DC (camping only/unconfirmed)
  •   Toilets
  •   Wine hike with wine-tasting session
  •   DIY your own WWW2023 T-Shirt 🤩

what you bring...

  • Positive vibes
  • Laptop and/or your #makertools
  • Power & LAN cables
  • Some food/snacks
  • Drinking water supply
  • Your tent and the other things you need for staying in the vineyard over night
  • (Your 999 other 99,5% finished projects…)

Join us!

Vouchers were sent to all Maker- and Hackerspaces we know of. If you don’t have a voucher, please reach out to us via winewirewifi [ät]!

More information about the ticket situation on the WWWWiki.