We are going to be out in nature, and not all areas of our maker camp are connected to the power grid. So we’ll roll our own low voltage (12V & 48V) DC micro grid, powered by solar and other renewable energy sources. And all participants are encouraged to take part and not only use power, but also provide their own energy back to the grid. Of course we’ll have some workshops on how to do that, and how to maybe even implement something similar back at home.


die TĂĽftelei

Peter provides his mobile workshop and small do-it-yourself projects that you can build if you are out of ideas. Or just a cup of coffee and great talks about wood and other natural building materials.

Weingut Loos

Learn more about the vineyard, the tech involved and wine. Florian Loos can answer all the questions you ever had. Ever wanted to participate in tasting wine or want to go for a stroll through the vineyards? No problem.

A wine hike (about 1 1/2 hours) with a mini wine-tasting session is included in your ticket.


web2objects GmbH

web2objects provides a temporary public IPv4 /24 subnet, so every device will be reachable from outside the event with its own public IPv4 address. In addition, they provide us with IP transit and a permanent dedicated ASN.


JLCPCB is known for offering high quality but low cost prototype PCBs. They are sponsoring every participant that finishes a PCB project during WineWireWifi a $ 10 USD PCB order. Additionally they are providing the event with custom PCBs.

jlcpcb (1)

You name it.

Bring it on. You name it. Let us know what exciting projects you have ready to show off.